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Wedding Band Entertainment is a vital part of any wedding. The ceremony is solemn and often spiritual, reflecting the momentous nature of the commitment you’re making. The party afterwards, however, is a time for letting your hair down and encouraging all your guests to do the same!

Just because a wedding is a formal occasion, it doesn’t mean it has to be sedated. There are many traditions and rituals attached to getting married, which you may or may not wish to observe, but essentially it’s about making a commitment to the person you love – and then celebrating it.

Wedding customs vary across Europe, to a greater or lesser extent, but it’s probably safe to say that one thing everyone in the European Union agrees on is that weddings are meant to be FUN!

Wedding entertainment not only keeps your guests occupied, it gives them a chance to bond

Because, by their nature, weddings tend to bring together a lot of people of different ages and styles, who may never have met one another before, it is a great help to have some wedding bands that offer wedding entertainment.  As well as preventing people from getting bored during any delays in the proceedings, it gives them a focus and breaks any ice.

On this website, we offer you a wide range of suggestions for love is the best way to get offered the very best of wedding bands and live wedding entertainment suitable for the mixed group that every wedding party is. What sort of entertainment you choose will depend on your personalities, on your budget and on the size, shape and flexibility of the reception venue but the possibilities are almost endless. Entertainment gives colour and texture to a wedding day, setting it apart.

Tips To Booking Your Wedding Band –

Booking Your Irish Wedding Bands is like, your reception – thinking about the wedding entertainment – choosing a wedding disco service and co-ordinating the events at the reception can seem a huge headache. At MantraSound we provide a service for customers from all walks of life, and all with very different idea about their wedding day, and how it should unfold. Everyone has different timescales too. We provide for couples who are preparing at great speed for a reception in a couple of months’ time, as well as those who are planning a couple of years in the future. As an event management business, our strength is in communicating with our customers, anticipating hitches and offering experience and knowledge which we hope will enable you to select the best possible combination of entertainment for your wedding reception. We use our wide network of contacts and service providers in the world of entertainment to ensure that your day flows as smoothly as possible, and is the satisfying product of proper planning and consideration, as well as reflecting something by way of personal tastes and ambitions.


Whilst we try to be flexible within our wedding entertainment plans, we suggest that wedding entertainment – particularly discos and live performers – is booked no more than a year in advance. Deposits should certainly be paid no more than a year in advance – ideally three to six months. As the day approaches, and becomes a reality, ideas on ideal running order and entertainment styles and content may change . We find there is an ideal timescale for booking, both from the customer and the performer’s point of view, and we guide our customers accordingly.

Booking your venu
After making your guest list, and before sending out your invites, you need to ensure you have your venue – this can be done first, and ideally a year before the date. Obviously at this stage you may wish to have an approximate idea of your day’s entertainment – whether disco, theme disco, classical accompaniment, rock and roll band or cabaret performances from our wide variety of artists. Whatever you book, make sure it is large enough to cope with your ideas, and check all the facilities offered.

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Once you have your venue booked, invitations can usually be sent out.

Booking Entertainment
By this stage, your idea of what you want for the day will be coming together – you will ideally need to book around six months before the day (Some performers do take bookings for a year or two in advance, but you need to be pretty sure that the band will still be together, the DJ will still be in the same area, or the act you choose will still be in good health – this is quite a long time in real terms!). At MantraSound we often book the evening’s disco (carried out by a specialist weddings DJ) or live band, and simultaneously work with you to select any other types of entertainment that interest you. We have a large database to choose from, and are also experienced at locating new performers for more unusual requests. Whatever you finally settle for, we will offer you a variety of similar performers at varying budgets, and will work with you in determining the precise combination of choices and cost which will satisfy you. All performers and wedding discos are backed up by contracts stipulating performance duration, content and cost. Wedding discos and wedding performers usually carry a booking fee in advance, with the balance payable on the night.

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